Diane von Furstenberg Luggage Sets


To women of all ages spread across the globe, Diane Von Furstenberg designs represent something beautiful. Not only do they possess eye-catching style; they embody the idea every woman deserves to look stunning and feel good about herself. A strong figure in the fashion world, empowerment of women has been a key principle in Von Furstenberg’s fashion empire, which includes clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and DVF luggage, all designed to ignite the confidence and inner glow easily buried in today’s busy world. Since her iconic line of jersey wrap dresses rewrote the face of fashion, Von Furstenberg continues to produce wearable, affordable designer styles embraced by women worldwide.

Diane Von Furstenberg luggage bears a similar mentality – more than just something to carry your clothes, a luggage set should bring an air of confident style to its owner, even in the midst of airport hassle. The designer’s lines of luggage pop with gorgeous patterns, unique accents, and sleek design, begging to be noticed as they pass through a crowd. These luggage sets carry all the functionality needed for the today’s traveler, and carry those extra, sophisticated touches that signify a powerful modern woman on the go.

All of the luggage sets are distinctly unique, such as the popular Hearts collection. This selection includes a signature design with a graceful shape and engaging heart pattern, featuring chrome finished buckles, and a distinctive heart hardware decoration on the front. Convenient features include inline wheels, hidden recessed handle, and lightweight frame. Explore this or other beautiful sets such as the Giselle, Raquel, Runway, or Ginger collections. Find a design that speaks to you, and travel in style with luggage that’s not only practical, but a joy to own.